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Empire Smart Homes – Ontario Authorized Dealer & Service Provider for Control4 Smart Home Systems

Smart Home Automation

The entire Control4 Smart Home has a single centralized control system providing you with one-touch access to every device in your house!

Home Theatre

Empire Smart Homes designs and installs custom home theatre systems that are so good you never want to leave the house. Indulge in a cinematic audio visual experience.


Listen to the news while taking a shower. Run faster on the treadmill with a Spotify playlist. Fall asleep to an audio book. Dance to Beyonce while making banana pancakes.


Integrating lighting with a smart home system opens up endless possibilities for home security, energy efficiency and atmosphere. Smart lighting is one of the most flexible elements in an intelligent home.


Do you really want to take your chances with DIY home security systems? Trust the pros and feel more secure in your home.

Wireless Networking

Choosing the best wireless internet provider is just one step towards blindingly fast wi-fi speeds. The second step is ensuring the home or office wireless network is up to the task.

Smart Thermostat

A smart home thermostat is the best investment you can make. This single small device can influence every crevice of your home.

Outdoor Escape

A truly smart home also elevates the outdoor experience. With careful installation and integration it is possible to have full smart home functionality both in front of the house and in the backyard.

Custom Homes

Building a custom home is an exciting time in your life. It is a step towards your future and we want to help make that future as easy as possible.