Custom Homes

Custom Home Builder Collaborations

Empire smart homes is ready to collaborate with your custom home builders.

Building a custom home is an exciting time in your life. It is a step towards your future and we want to help make that future as easy as possible.

Empire smart homes has worked on the automation of custom homes for years. We install sophisticated yet user-friendly smart home systems that are ready to move in to. Our experience in the field gives us the expertise to work directly with the custom home builders. Your future home is in good hands with us.

The Best Start in a New Home

Have your dream home feature all the desired functionalities from day one.

Home automation systems can be installed at any point but the start of a house build has its own advantages. Together with the trades, we can improve spaces for the best smart home functionality. After consultation with you, we can prevent any unnecessary wiring and wall switches in the house.

Years of Experience in Custom Homes

As Southern Ontario’s leading home automation system provider, we have a strong background in custom homes.

Empire smart homes has collaborated on creating the perfect smart home for years. We thrive in opening up new possibilities in home automation systems custom homes Vaughan 
every day. We know what works, what doesn’t and what is best. Our aim is to simplify the home life of our clients.

Close Collaboration with Contractors, Trades and You

Integrating home automation systems has taught us that coordinating with use creates the most comfortable homes.

Smart home devices is not the only thing we find synergy in. The Empire smart homes team is happy to work directly with the crew on setting up home automation systems. Let us know your wishes and we do our best to make them happen.

Home Automation Systems Ready for the Future

Prepare your home today for an even more technologically-advanced home in the future.

Our home automation systems are designed to be flexible. Add new devices and products from other brands at any time. This allows for a more future-proof smart home that is ready for new technologies. This way, your custom home adjusts to your changing needs.

User-Friendly Smart Homes

We create home automation systems that are user-friendly in practice, not only in theory.

A smart home may feel daunting to certain households. That is why Empire smart homes is committed to simple and intuitive home automation systems. The network is tailor-made to your devices and personal needs. With a single touch screen control panel, each element in the system is easily monitored and adjusted.

Ready to Start at Any Time

The Empire smart homes team is ready to collaborate on your dream home systems.

We can get to work at any stage. Whether your custom home is still in the design stage or near completion. That is the beauty of a wireless network operated home automation system. We can start from scratch or elevate the existing infrastructure.