Outdoor Escape

Smart Outdoor Lighting Ideas & Sound Systems

Extend the smart home benefits into the outdoor landscape.

A truly smart home also elevates the outdoor experience. With careful installation and integration it is possible to have full smart home functionality both in front of the house and in the backyard.

From outdoor sound systems and smart exterior lighting fixtures to lightning speed wi-fi in the yard. Create your very own outdoor escape.

With full smart home integration possibilities your backyard has never been this comfortable. Consult the Empire AV team on what we can do for you.

Weatherproof Outdoor Sound System

Entertain your friends and family in style with an outdoor sound system tailored to the yard.

Empire AV are experts in installing outdoor sound systems. Each speaker is weatherized to survive the Canadian seasons. Options include in-ground landscape speakers and underground subwoofers for different budgets. Strategic placement ensures crystal clear sounds that won’t disturb the neighbours.

Landscape Lighting that Matches

Carefully thought out outdoor landscape lighting has the power to transform your garden.

Accentuate your favourite features in the yard. Find your way with path lighting. Light up the deck for long summer nights outside. However you use the yard, Empire AV can offer outdoor lighting ideas that elevates the space. Consult our team on how to integrate the outdoor lighting to smart home features.

Integrated Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Include the outdoor lighting into the smart home system for greater atmosphere, convenience and home security.

Smart home lighting also applies to outdoor lighting. Activate security lighting from anywhere in the house using the Control4 app. Set automatic timers for pathway and patio lighting. Install motion sensors to detect movement outside. All this functionality and more is possible with smart home integration.

Wi-Fi Beyond the House Walls

Surf online without limiting yourself to the indoors by expanding the wi-fi network into the backyard.

Super speed internet inside the house but a lacking signal in the yard? After Empire AV is done you can use any device outside. Expand the wi-fi signal to the backyard for better connectivity and smart device integration. Stream music or work from the patio table without losing signal.

Night Swimming with Pool Lighting

Give your pool the illumination it deserves with automated pool lighting.

Show off the glimmer of the pool under the moonlight. Avoid guests falling into the pool at night. Take a dip in the cool water after the sun goes down. Swimming pool lighting creates a safer and more aesthetically pleasing backyard. Connect the swimming pool lights with the smart home system and control the LEDs from a distance.

Design an Al Fresco Living Room

Take full advantage of outdoor living with weatherproof outdoor devices.

Design an outdoor living room with the smart devices on offer at Empire AV. From outdoor-rated TVs to weatherized speakers – electronics are not only for inside the house. With correct placement of wi-fi access points it is possible to enjoy the entertainment you have indoors in the backyard.