Smart Home Security Systems for Ontario

Keep what matters most safe with a wireless home security system

Do you really want to take your chances with DIY home security systems? Trust the pros and feel more secure in your home.

Empire smart homes offers an end-to-end home security system that is both effective and convenient. Monitor the security cameras from the app while at work. Leave instructions for deliveries through the video call intercom, Chime.

The Control4 Smart Home security system offers all the best features for keeping you and your possessions safe. Give yourself the peace of mind, whether you’re at home or away for a few days.

One App Control for All Home Security

The Control4 Smart Home Security System can be accessed via the app from any connected device.

Integrating all smart home devices into a single control system offers allows for quick reactions and adjustments. Turn on the patio lights, lock the doors and look through the home security cameras, all from one interface. Feeling safe has never been this convenient.

Receive Phone Alerts

Get notifications sent directly to your phone so you are always aware of what is happening in and around your home.

Want to know when your children come home from school? Waiting for a package but have errands to run? Program the home security system to send phone alerts whenever someone rings the bell or enters the house.

Chime Video Doorbell

Chime, an integrated smart home video doorbell that goes beyond the basic functionality.

With Chime, you can see exactly who is at your door from your mobile phone. Talk through the intercom with crystal clear sound. Remotely unlock the door so deliveries can be left safely inside. Set it to your personal preferences, from the exact motion detection zones to automated responses.

Remote Lights and Smart Locks Control

Control the home lighting and smart house locks from a distance, directly from your phone.

The Control4 home security system includes integration with smart lighting and smart locks. One tap in the app and all security measures are activated. When at home, use the voice activation feature from any room.

Intruder Deterrence with Mockupancy

Mockupancy is a programmable smart home feature that turns on lighting and devices to mimic the presence of residents.

Travelling a lot? Intruders and break-ins monitor houses for inactivity. Keep the  intruders at bay with Mockupancy. Pre-set a program that automatically turns on lights and televisions in different rooms. You can enjoy your trip without worrying about the house.

Integrate with the Best Home Security System

Control4 home security systems play nice with software and devices from other brands.

No need to purchase a completely new set of home security devices. Control4 is compatible with the best brands for security cameras and software. The list includes Baldwin, Honeywell, Lilin, Doorbird, 2N and Yale Security. Connect each device and technology service into a single app for instant control over all home security features.