Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat for Automated Climate Control

Set it and forget it with a smart home thermostat.

A smart home thermostat is the best investment you can make. This single small device can influence every crevice of your home.

Keep everything in one place by integrating your HVAC system and temperature control into the Control4 Smart Home System. Monitor and adjust every aspect from the same intuitive touchscreen interface.

Our home climate experts at Empire smart homes are happy to consult with you on your smart thermostat. We install and connect all systems for the greatest energy-efficiency and convenience.

Integrate Your Current Digital Thermostat

Transitioning into a Control4 smart home doesn’t mean you have to replace the devices already in the house.

The Control4 Smart Home technology is compatible with all trusted brands. The Empire smart homes pros can connect existing digital thermostats to the Control4 software. Have one clear overview of all climate controls instead of multiple control panels.

Set Automated Programs

Set climate control programs to your exact preferences and have them run automatically.

The biggest advantage of programmable thermostats is their set it and forget it functions. Ensure you are comfortable at all times without fiddling with the thermostat. Create standard programs that run automatically so you have nothing to forget about.

Monitor and Adjust from Anywhere

Integrating the thermostat into a smart home system allows for instant access wherever you are.

Connect your digital thermostat to the Control4 Smart Home system. Monitor the temperature and HVAC settings in the house, no matter where you are. Use the Control4 app to adjust at any time. Receive notifications directly sent to your phone when anything is unusual.

Save on Utility Bills

Gain insight into the house’s energy use patterns and start saving on bills immediately.

Reducing the energy bill means more savings every month. Find out which energy use patterns in the house are unnecessary and adjust the programmable thermostat accordingly. Turn off heaters automatically when no one is home. Connect smart blinds and shades for ultimate energy-efficiency.

Design Climate Zones for Each Room

Control the HVAC system in each room and create custom climate zones in the house.

One issue with centralized HVAC systems is the energy loss. With smart home integration it is possible to adjust the room’s temperature to its actual use. No need to heat a room that goes unused. Control the climate in each room from a single device so no energy goes lost.

React to the Actual Weather

The weather outside affects the indoor climate and a smart home adjusts automatically.

Blinds and shades play a significant role in the indoor climate. Install smart blinds and shades and integrate them with a smart thermostat oakville
. The window covering will adjust to the sunlight for optimal interior temperatures. Save more on your electricity bills with a hands-off approach.