Smart Lighting Solutions for Every Type of Home

Set the right mood with automated and hands-free smart lighting.

Integrating lighting with a smart home system opens up endless possibilities for home security, energy efficiency and atmosphere. Smart lighting is one of the most flexible elements in an intelligent home.

Empire smart homes can tweak both new and existing home lighting to match with the Control4 Smart Home OS. Dim lights completely hands-free, voice activate before entering a room or turn off forgotten lights from your phone.

Make the everyday more enjoyable with smart lights throughout the house. Set the scene with atmospheric lighting during dinners, eye-friendly light in the home office or focused light while preparing meals.

Add & Adjust at Any Stage

Home smart lighting systems can be installed at any stage of construction regardless of whether it is a mid-century home or newly released pre-construction condo.

Install a new LED light strip for a modern look. Convert the existing light fixtures into 21st century lighting. Almost anything is possible. There is no need to panic over rewiring when working with modern sensors.

Cleaner Room Finishings

With wireless smart lighting systems, the light switches in every room corner are a thing of the past.

Get rid of the wall acne (light switches) and marvel at smooth walls. Replace them with a single centralized streamlined switch. This leaves more space for artwork and wall storage.. De-clutter your home in the coolest way possible.

Ease of Motion-Activated Lighting

Install motion sensor lighting and turn lights on and off simply by walking past.

Groceries in both hands and fumbling with the key – now you no longer have to reach for the light switch, too. Motion-activated lighting is not only for outdoor security lighting. Install indoor motion sensors and have the light follow you.

One-Touch Centralized Control Panel

Integrating smart lighting with Control4 Smart Home lets you monitor and control the lights from anywhere and with any device.

Turn off the bedroom lights without having to go upstairs. Light the driveway as you drive up. Turn off all lights in the house with a single tap. Empire smart homes can install a single lighting control panel. Integration with Control4 also offers remote smart lighting controls.

Monitor Away from Home

With the Control4 Smart Home app on your phone you can control the lighting without being home.

Got kids that always leave the light on? Turn off all lights with one tap. Are the in-laws arriving before you? Give them a warmly lit welcome. Away for a few days? Set up mockupancy security lighting. Monitor and control smart lighting directly from your mobile phone, wherever you are.

Personalized Smart Lighting Program

Customize lighting settings with automated program for every mood, room and purpose.

Automatically dim the lights when the home theatre system is on. Pre-set times for lights to turn and off. Create the right atmospheric lighting for each room. With personalized lighting programs your days are as bright as you want them to be.