Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation

The smart home automation is a trend that has been picking up in the last few years. This technology allows you to control your devices from a single location, making your life easier. With smart home automation, you can automate tasks like turning on lights and heating when you get home, checking the weather forecast, and controlling your entertainment system. There are many different options for smart home automation systems, so it’s important to choose one that meets your needs.

With the proliferation of smart devices, homeowners are beginning to amass a wealth of data that can be used to automate their homes. This data can be collected from devices like security cameras and thermostats, which allow users to gain insights about their habits and preferences. These insights can then be used to create custom schedules or alarms, or even send automatic messages when certain conditions are met. In addition to automating household tasks, smart home technology can also provide a degree of convenience.When people think of home automation, they often think of things like turning lights on and off with a voice command, but there are a lot more possibilities out there. For example, you could use smart home automation to control your heating and cooling system, activate your security system when you get home, and even trigger your sprinklers when it rains outside. There are many different options available for smart home automation, so it’s important to find the right one for your specific needs.

What is a smart home?

A smart home is a home that has been equipped with technology that allows the homeowner to control various functions of the house remotely. This includes functions such as turning lights on and off, adjusting the temperature, and locking or unlocking doors. Smart homes can be controlled through a smartphone app, computer, or even a voice-activated assistant like Amazon Echo or Google Home.

The purpose of smart homes is to make life easier and more convenient for residents. The term Wireless Home Theatre Systems can be used in a variety of contexts. In the case of smart homes, it is often thought to refer to connected devices that are controlled by apps, hardware, and internet connectivity. Smart homes are often seen as a replacement for traditional home automation.

What is the difference between an automation system and a home automation system?

An automation system (sometimes called a home control system) is a device that controls all of the lighting, heating, cooling and other electrical devices in your home. The automation is controlled through a control panel, which may be operated by hand, or by remote control.

A home automation system enables you to control some of the electrical components in your house through the use of a computer.

Types of Smart Home Automation:

There are many different types of smart home automation. Some of the most popular include:

1) Lighting automation- this includes turning lights on and off based on a schedule or when someone enters or leaves a room.

2) Temperature automation- this can include setting a schedule for the temperature throughout the house, smart home automation oakville.
or turning on fans or air conditioning when it gets too hot or cold.

3) Security automation- this can include things like setting up motion detectors, having cameras send you alerts when they sense movement, and programming your locks to automatically lock and unlock at certain times.

4) Appliance automation- this includes being able to turn appliances on or off remotely, or having them run based on a schedule.5) Entertainment-Entertainment is a form of activity that holds the attention and interest of an audience. It can be an enjoyable experience for people to watch or participate in. There are many different types of entertainment, such as movies, theater, sports, and music. Entertainment can be a great way to escape from reality and relax.

Now that you know what you want, it’s time to look for a system that can do all of the above. We’ll go over some of the best options available, and how to choose between them whatever you choose, it’s important to make sure it can keep up with all of your needs, just visit us today for further information

Benefits of using smart home devices:

There are many benefits of using smart home devices. One of the biggest benefits is convenience. With a smart home, you can control your lights, locks, and thermostat from your phone or computer. This makes it easy to turn on your lights before you get home from work or change the temperature when you’re on vacation.

Another benefit of using a smart home is energy savings. Smart homes can save you money on your energy bill by automatically turning off lights and appliances when they’re not in use. They can also adjust the temperature based on your schedule or the weather outside.

Another benefit of using a smart home is safety. Smart homes can help you stay safe by notifying you when someone is at your door, turning on the lights when it gets dark, and more.

Smart home accessories can help you control your devices remotely, detect intruders and provide security, monitor your home, and more.


It wasn’t too long ago when people considered Smart Home Automation as something out of a science fiction movie. However, in today’s society it is becoming more and more common for homeowners to automatize their homes with technology that can make their lives easier. From turning on the lights when you walk in the door to adjusting the thermostat before you get home, there are many ways to make your home smarter. While each homeowner’s needs will be different, there are some basics that everyone should consider when automating their home. Reach us today at so that we can help you in automation of your home.

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Smart Home Automation

Smart Home Automation Made Simple

The entire Control4 Smart Home has a single centralized control system providing you with one-touch access to every device in your house!

The main control system is a touch screen device with clear and large icons. Navigation is intuitive and instant. No complicated interfaces nor slow connections. Monitor and control all devices in the house from just one screen. Everything you need in one place.

Connect Almost Any Smart Home Device

The Control4 Smart Home OS is compatible with most smart devices so there is no need to replace what still works.

Continue to use the devices already in your home. The universal home automation system is compatible with most smart devices, regardless of the brand. No more need for multiple apps and control systems. From the smart thermostat to the home theatre and even an individual LED strip light. Connect everything you need.

Control from Multiple Interfaces

The Control4 Smart Home OS is controllable from 3 interface types: touchscreen tablets, smartphones and remote controls.

The Control4 touch screen provides the entire household with quick access. Not at home? Pull out your mobile phone or iPad and see exactly what is going on. Comfortable on the sofa? Point the remote control at your favourite home entertainment devices. Connect multiple monitoring devices for full control – anytime, anywhere.

Professional Installation

The Empire AV installation pros are trained and experienced to deliver you the best service.

Forget about the stress of a complicated home kit setup – our professional team installs and integrates the Control4 Smart Home OS. We handle everything from A to Z. Empire AV pros connect any and all smart home devices that you need.

Custom Setups for Every Home

Empire AV home automation system installation is carefully tailored to the needs of each specific client.

A fully customizable system set up to your own personal preferences. A home automation system that meets your needs instead of you adjusting to a device. Connect what you want and keep the rest disconnected.

Compatible with Business and Commercial Space

Smart automation systems not only simplifies home life, but also offers extra control over commercial spaces, retail spaces and offices.

Control4 Smart Homes technology can also be customized for businesses. Stay in control over the workspace without leaving your desk. Add an extra layer of security and energy efficiency. Impress your customers with a space that is fully automated.